CYCLE Application Form

Please fill in all fields below. You must be a High School Junior in the HOEC service area to be considered for sponsorship by HOEC to CYCLE. Applications must be submitted by February 22nd, 2021.

Full Name:   
Street Address:   
Zip Code:   
E-mail Address:   
Daytime Phone Number:   
Evening Phone Number:   
Student Age:   
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY):   
Parent/Guardian Names:   
Name of High School:   
Counselor/Teacher Names:   
High School Phone Number:   
High School Fax Number:   
Student Grade Point Average:   
Favorite School Class/Subject:   

Scholastic Activities
List extracurricular activities you are involved in at school. For example: athletics, clubs/organizations, music, student council, etc.

Non-Scholastic Activities
What do you do outside of school? For example: work, hobbies, community service, career interest, etc.

Personal Statement
Explain why you would be an excellent candidate to represent Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative at the CYCLE conference.

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