Patronage Capital Information

Patronage Capital (also called margins) is the difference between the Cooperative's operating income and operating expenses for a given year. Margins are allocated on an annual basis to the Cooperative membership based upon individual usage during that year. Each member has a patronage capital account, which represents that member's ownership in the Cooperative. Cooperatives operate differently than other businesses in two ways:

  1. We are not designed to create a profit for a small number of shareholders as many businesses are.
  2. We are owned by those we serve, therefore allocated margins, at some point in time, are returned to the membership.

For more details, see the Frequently Asked Questions on Patronage Capital.

The most recent payment of retired Patronage Capital was for members receiving electric service in the years 1995-1996. Checks were mailed in July 2021 to the last known mailing address for the members. For a listing of undeliverable checks from this mailing, click the first letter of the last name or business name below.

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