Our Mission

To be a leader in delivering cost efficient reliable energy with value-added service. We get our Power from You.
Latest News and Updates

Notice to Members: Surveys by email and phone in August

HOEC wants your feedback. A third-party will soon be conducting a survey to measure the quality of service provided to you, our members. Surveys will be sent via email on August 9th and 10th, while phone surveys will begin on August 16th. We would appreciate your time in providing responses.

SmartHub: a convenient option for you

At Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative we work hard to provide you with cost-efficient and reliable power. In fact, we made it our mission. We know, however, that being in the heart of the Ozarks during storm season can cause us some issues with power outages.

Help keep our linemen safe

Most jobs don’t require you to climb 40 feet in the air and conduct business within a few feet of high voltage power lines that carry 7,200 volts or more of electricity. However, for our linemen at Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative, Inc. (HOEC), this is just another day in the field.

Who we are

We are your neighbors, and your Cooperative. Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative provides dependable distribution of electricity to homes and businesses across six counties of south-central Missouri. Learn more...

Why we're here

We are here to serve you, the members of the Cooperative. We are dedicated to bringing you cost efficient reliable energy in the face of rising industry costs and challenges. We're in this together. Learn more...

The power is yours

You have the power to save energy and make a difference: a difference in your electric bill, a difference for the environment, and a difference for your children and community. We can help. Learn more...

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