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Oct 17 update on field audit project

Representatives with Davey Resource Group are finishing up work in the Eminence area, and will begin working in the West Plains area tomorrow.

Update: field audit progress

As posted a few days ago, Davey Resource Group, a contractor for HOEC, is currently performing an audit on our system. This project began on Monday, October 7th in the Birch Tree and Winona areas. Field representatives have also been working around Mountain View, and will be in the Eminence area next.

Committee Appointment for HOEC's CEO

Dan Singletary, CEO/General Manager of Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative, was recently appointed as a district representative to the Internal Operations Committee of the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives (AMEC), Jefferson City. AMEC provides training as well as other services to the state's 47 electric cooperatives, which serve more than 560,000 rural members.

Be Mindful of Work Zone Safety

There are times when Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative must put trucks and personnel in roadways to make repairs or install new equipment to keep power on at your home or business. Crews in these situations already face the hazards of dealing with high voltage, and they increase their risk when establishing a work zone in the roadway.

Notice to members

Davey Resource Group, a contractor for Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative, Inc. (HOEC), will be performing an audit on our system on our behalf in our service area. This project will require their field representative to approach poles and lines (both overhead and underground) that may be on personal property.

Be smart when preparing for your hunt

Never place your hunting stand on a power pole or in a right-of-way.

HOEC's Commitment to Renewable Energy and Hydro Generation

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