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To be a leader in delivering cost efficient reliable energy with value-added service. We get our Power from You.
Latest News and Updates

Solar Power - Learn What Determines Payback First

Is solar right for you? Consider the answer to this Frequently Asked Question (FAQ): How long is the payback period on a solar energy system?

Updates on Security Lighting Repair Costs

HOEC is now implementing a ZERO PERCENT financing option for members who have repairs on their security lights. We understand that the cost to repair items around our houses is continuously on the rise, from our washing machines, ovens, lawn mowers, and even the security lights that we provide for our members. To give you an example, the installed costs for a High-Pressure Sodium lamp, photo control, or glassware is $50.

Notice to Members: West Plains area GPS work

Representatives with Davey Resource Group (DRG) will be working in the West Plains area to GPS some of our underground lines. DRG is a contractor for Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative. This project will require their field representative to approach lines that may be on personal property. The field representative will have credentials with them and their vehicle will be identified as a contractor for HOEC.

Who we are

We are your neighbors, and your Cooperative. Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative provides dependable distribution of electricity to homes and businesses across six counties of south-central Missouri. Learn more...

Why we're here

We are here to serve you, the members of the Cooperative. We are dedicated to bringing you cost efficient reliable energy in the face of rising industry costs and challenges. We're in this together. Learn more...

The power is yours

You have the power to save energy and make a difference: a difference in your electric bill, a difference for the environment, and a difference for your children and community. We can help. Learn more...

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