Notice to Members financially impacted by COVID-19 measures

We are committed to the members we serve. From the start of this crisis, our focus has been on keeping the power flowing for all members. That is why we have made a special effort to work with those whose finances have been affected by this pandemic.

Early on, and even before the Governor asked, HOEC made the decision to suspend disconnections and late fees until further notice to provide relief for the members we serve.

For 81 years we have worked with our members who are struggling to make ends meet and that continues today.

As soon as members recognize they will have difficulty with bill payments, we ask that they contact us, so a suitable plan can be tailored for them.

No one is closer to our members than HOEC; we live, work and worship in the communities we serve. HOEC will continue to serve our members with care, compassion and flexibility that we have been known for throughout our long history.

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