Be Mindful of Work Zone Safety

There are times when Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative must put trucks and personnel in roadways to make repairs or install new equipment to keep power on at your home or business. Crews in these situations already face the hazards of dealing with high voltage, and they increase their risk when establishing a work zone in the roadway. No matter how big the work zone, it requires drivers to pay attention to avoid a crash.

The National Work Zone Safety Information Clearing House has developed a list of ways to stay safe in work zones:

  • Never use a cell phone or text while driving.
  • Stay alert. Expect the unexpected.
  • Slow down.
  • Don’t tailgate.
  • Pay attention to the signs.
  • Obey the flaggers.
  • Be patient and stay calm.
  • Know the road rules for work zones.

Keeping a safe distance between your car and the construction workers and equipment, driving the posted work zone speed limit, and using your four-way flashers when stopping or traveling slowly can help reduce accidents in work zones.

When you are making travel plans, keep in mind that many states also provide road construction information on their respective department of transportation websites that can be consulted before starting a trip. Missouri's department of transportation website is If you know that you are going to be traveling through a work zone, giving yourself a little extra time to get to your destination can also help.

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