Some outages due to winter weather on January 19 & 20

Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative, Inc. (HOEC) officials report that heavy snow and high winds were the primary cause of outages over the weekend. While overall outage numbers were small, the heavy weight of the snow and high winds caused trees located outside the right of way to fall onto lines. HOEC crews worked diligently through the extreme cold temperatures to safely restore power to our members as the outages occurred.

HOEC would like to remind members that winter storms can cause power lines to fall. If you ever come across a downed power line, stay away from it and call HOEC immediately at 417-256-2131 or 1-888-HOE-POWER. Additionally, if you need to report an outage, you can do so by calling 417-256-2131 or 1-888-HOE-POWER. You can also report an outage on our website from a smartphone or computer.

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