Linemen returning home from South Carolina after assisting with Hurricane Florence

The 8 linemen from HOEC who traveled to South Carolina to assist crews from other cooperatives with power restoration after the devastation from Hurricane Florence are returning home.

Our crews worked long hours in flooded conditions to safely restore power to the thousands of members that were without. Our crews are no strangers to working in flooded conditions. HOEC was faced with extreme flooding just one year ago. Crews from other cooperatives were there to assist us in our time of need.

The members, along with Santee Electric Cooperative, were very appreciative of the help from our crews.

Dan Singletary, CEO/General Manager at HOEC, said, “HOEC is always proud to see our crews go to assist others in their time of need, but we’re always happy to see them return home safely. Assisting our fellow cooperatives in their time of need is what a cooperative is all about. Cooperation among Cooperatives continues to be one of our guiding principles.”

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