Linemen heading to South Carolina for Hurricane Florence help

Officials at Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative report that 8 linemen from HOEC will be leaving Friday morning and traveling to Kingstree, South Carolina to assist crews from Santee Electric Cooperative with power restoration after the devastation from Hurricane Florence. Over 160 linemen from Missouri Electric Cooperatives will be responding to the call for help.

HOEC as well as other Missouri Electric Cooperatives have a long history of lending a helping hand with hurricane relief efforts. Crews first assisted in 2004 when the Gulf Coast was hit by Hurricane Ivan and have been doing so since. The most recent deployment was in 2017 when crews traveled to Florida and Georgia following Hurricane Irma. Cooperation among cooperatives is one of our guiding principles.

Relief crews are coordinated by the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives, the statewide organization for the state’s electric cooperatives.

Dan Singletary, CEO/General Manager at HOEC, said, “HOEC has been on the receiving end of assistance from other cooperatives before. Anytime we are able to return the favor and assist others, we are pleased to do so. That’s what being a cooperative is all about.”

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