October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

HOEC is participating in National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) this October to help raise awareness about cyber threats and ways to stay secure.

“By increasing awareness and enhancing understanding of basic cyber security practices, we can all work together to combat cyber threats,” said Myles Smith, Manager of Member Services. “The human element is often times the biggest cyber security risk. Each of us has a critical role to play to ensure the security of our personal and professional data.”

The goal of NCSAM is to provide every American with the resources they need to enhance their online safety and security. Since its inception under leadership from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance, NCSAM has grown exponentially, reaching consumers, small and medium-sized businesses, corporations, educational institutions and young people across the nation.

Co-ops remain cyber aware by taking a number of preparations, including:

  • Implementing rigorous security standards and technology to protect systems,
  • Forging close partnerships to protect our systems, and
  • Engaging in active information sharing about threats and vulnerabilities.

HOEC encourages members to join in raising cybersecurity awareness. To learn more about NCSAM, visit www.staysafeonline.org and follow NCSAM on Twitter at twitter.com/hashtag/cyberaware.

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