Dawson Hollow (formerly known as Link Union) to be 2018 Annual Meeting Entertainment

Dawson Hollow, formerly known as Link Union, will be the entertainment at the Cooperative's 79th Annual Meeting on May 4th, 2018. Many members may recall that Link Union was the entertainment group that performed at the Cooperative's 78th Annual Meeting held on May 5th earlier this year.

According to Link Union's Facebook page, “March 2018 marks the date of Link Union stepping aside for the band Dawson Hollow. Dawson Hollow is The Link Family’s “next generation” band comprised of all 5 Link siblings, Rachel, Kyle, Ben, Aaron and John.” Link Union went on to say, “Our family has worked long and hard toward this goal and our dream is finally coming true. Our family is so grateful for all of our fans who have supported us on this incredible 17 year journey as a family.”

Myles Smith, Manager of Member Services, said “we are very excited to have Dawson Hollow performing at our 79th Annual Meeting. Link Union was a tremendous hit for us earlier this year, so we wanted to bring back Dawson Hollow for an encore performance. We look forward to seeing all of our members at the 79th Annual Meeting on May 4th, 2018.”

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