Singletary family gather supplies for Hurricane Harvey victims

Dan Singletary, CEO and General Manager of Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative, along with his wife Rhonda recently coordinated efforts in West Plains to gather supplies to send to Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the evening of Aug. 25 near Rockport, a town of less than 10,000 people and about 30 miles up the Texas coast from Corpus Christi. With rainfall topping 50 inches in some areas, Harvey devastated a tremendous portion of Texas stretching from the Houston area into Louisiana. The death toll has risen to more than 60. The unprecedented amounts of rainfall caused torrential flooding which ultimately lead to the destruction of numerous homes and communities.

During such devastating times it is important for communities and people to come together to help one another. That is why Dan Singletary and his wife Rhonda wanted to help. Dan has family near the Houston area, and felt it was important to spring into action and provide essential supplies to assist in the recovery process.

Singletary stated, “It is extremely important to help our neighbors when they are in need. Many can recall that the West Plains area was affected by flooding back in April. Communities came together to help us, so by gathering supplies to send to Texas is just one way of being able to give back. We are grateful to everyone who donated items, and thankful to those who helped deliver the supplies.”

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