Outage Update (Morning, March 1)

HOEC started out the morning of Wednesday, March 1st early, with more than 1800 members without power due to the severe storms that passed through the area. Outages were caused by high-winds, lightning, and trees falling from outside the cooperative right of ways. Crews were dispatched and began working to safely restore power during the early morning hours.

As of 8:00 AM we are down to approximately 1,000 members still without power. Officials have been notified of at least 6 power poles that have fallen to the ground. HOEC would like to remind members if they see a downed power pole, or lines on the ground, please stay away from it and report it to the cooperative immediately at 417-256-2131 or 1-888-HOE-POWER.

Outage updates will be posted on the HOEC website and Facebook page. Please note that Facebook is not an avenue to report an outage. If you have an outage to report, please contact our dispatch department at 417-256-2131 OR 1-888-HOE-POWER or report your outage through this website.

Myles Smith, Manager of Member Services at HOEC said, “We appreciate the continued patience of our members as crews continue to work to safely restore power.”

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