Overnight storms lead to outages; more storms in forecast

Approximately 1,000 members were without power following severe weather that moved through the service area in the early hours of Friday morning. Crews were dispatched and began working immediately to safely restore power. At the time of this posting, we have approximately 97 members still without power.

78th Annual Meeting recap and photos

Bluegrass band Link Union was the featured entertainment at HOEC's 78th Annual Meeting of Membership

The 78th Annual Meeting of Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative, Inc. was held May 5th, 2017 at the West Plains Civic Center where approximately 800 members were in attendance.

The evening included an energetic performance by the multi-award winning bluegrass group Link Union.


HOEC crews loading up for another long day of work

When the outages first began we had approximately 2,600 members without power. As of 8:00am this morning, we have 71 members without power. HOEC linemen have worked every day since the outages began with the flooding of April 29th.

Pictured are linemen loading up materials in preparation for another long day. Our crews are still out working and making progress.

Making fuel for the linemen crews

Volunteers making sack lunches for HOEC linemen crews

We've had an amazing showing of volunteers over the last 8 days! HOEC is incredibly thankful for all of the support from our community. Pictured are volunteers making sack lunches on Sunday evening for all of the crews to enjoy on Monday.

Monday, May 8 update

Officials at Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative, Inc. (HOEC), report that approximately 150 members are currently without power due to the severe flooding that moved throughout the service area recently. When the outages first began we had approximately 2,600 members without power. As expected, progress has been steady but slow in the conditions we are working in.

Restoration continues

Crew Foreman Larry Pingleton cuts trees in the water

HOEC and all of the extra crews are back at it for the 9th straight day. There are still many areas that the crews cannot reach and those that can be reached are extremely tough to navigate around. Below is another river that power lines need to cross. Larry Pingleton, crew foreman, is working on cutting trees out of the river.

Linemen start Sunday morning early

HOEC and other co-op linemen have breakfast at 5 am to start the workday

5am, crews getting fed. Ready for a productive and long day getting power lines back in the air. Be safe guys. The rivers are high.

- Post from our Facebook page by HOEC General Manager Dan Singletary

Highway 63 is open again

MoDOT opened Highway 63 to traffic just moments ago this afternoon. Two-way traffic is sharing the northbound lanes, with just one lane moving in each direction. The water is not on the road in the open lanes, but proceed carefully through this area.


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