Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate Information

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) - Download printable Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate Form
Rebate is $350.00 per ton, after installation, proof of purchase, and Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative inspection.


  • Rebate applies for replacement or new construction residential 10 tons or less, commercial 50 tons or less;
  • Manual J calculation using a 70 degree design temperature as the extreme on the heating side;
  • Backup heat on separate breaker or a two stage thermostat required (electric backup will be allowed);
  • Insulation: R-38 ceilings, R-13 walls;
  • A minimum of 19.1 EER is required.

Special notes on GSHP rebate:

  • For replacement of residential GSHP 10 tons or less (inside unit only) WITHOUT replacing ground loops, rebate is $150.00 per ton capacity.
  • For rebate on commercial GSHP (greater than 50 tons) or residential greater than 10 tons, contact HOEC Member Services for details.

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