Listen for Peak Alerts during sizzling summer days

During hot and humid days of summer it's important to remember to participate in HOEC's Peak Alert program.

The term Peak Alert simply means the anticipation that the demand for electricity may be at its highest ever. When a new peak demand is established, the supplier of HOEC sets a new level for the maximum amount of power needed for HOEC members at any given time. The Cooperative pays for that maximum level of power whether it is needed at all times or not, which means the price of electricity could increase. It doesn’t mean that the supply of electricity is being depleted.

In the summer months peak usage will likely occur on extremely hot and humid afternoons from about 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. when air conditioners are working extra hard to cool homes and buildings.

If a peak alert is issued, you will hear a message on area radio stations informing members to alternate use of major appliances during the issued period. The Cooperative encourages all members to participate. If a large number of Cooperative members help during a peak demand period, hundreds of thousands of dollars could be saved.

To understand the situation better you can compare it to equipment needed by a cattle rancher. The rancher needs a heavy-duty truck and stock trailer to haul livestock to the sale barn. It is likely the rancher has a monthly payment to the bank even though he doesn't need the truck's full capacity and the trailer every day. The same is true when HOEC members establish a higher level of power consumed. The Cooperative is responsible for the cost of the level power at all times, even if that peak amount of electricity is only needed a few days during the year.

Informing you, the members of the Cooperative, about how you can help keep energy cost efficient is one component of fulfilling the Cooperative mission, which is: Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative will be a leader in delivering cost efficient, reliable energy with value-added service to its member-owners.

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