Linemen home after assisting with hurricane repairs

Eight linemen from HOEC who traveled south to assist crews from other Cooperatives with power restoration after the devastation from Hurricane Irma have arrived home safely. Upon their arrival, the crews sat down with CEO/General Manager Dan Singletary, and discussed some of things they saw, as well as some of the challenges they faced.

Crews discussed that it was difficult to reach Sumter Electric Cooperative, which is the Cooperative our crews were designated to assist. The crews said that traffic conditions were very problematic, stating that there were traffic accidents all along the roadways. They stated that working conditions were also very difficult. They pointed out that it was challenging to work in a major wind storm. Like the flooding that affected much of HOEC’s service region earlier this spring, crews said that it was tough to get to certain areas to safely restore power. The crews used chainsaws to remove debris from these areas, so that they could work safely to restore power. Like HOEC, Sumter Electric Cooperative makes safety their top priority.

Our crews worked extremely long hours in very hot, muggy weather to safely restore power to members. The members, along with Sumter Electric Cooperative were extremely appreciative of the help from our crews.

Dan Singletary, CEO/General Manager at HOEC, said, “HOEC is always proud to see our crews go to assist others in their time of need, but we’re always happy to see them return home safely. Assisting our fellow Cooperatives in their time of need is what a Cooperative is all about. Cooperation among Cooperatives continues to be one of our guiding principles.”

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